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Windows 8 Tech Support Forum Windows 8 Tech Support Forum.

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Windows 7 Loaders???

Windows 8 Tech Support Forum

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Old 11-01-2010, 06:39 PM
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Default Windows 7 Loaders???

hi everyone I had vista for about 8 month now I have had it I can't even believe i bought it too. it giveing to much problems blue screen it slow it lagging out ever sent i upgrade a CPU to AMD 9850 to AMD965 awful OS i ever deal with for a long time.

Now i installed new windows 7 64bit ul here lately it awesome it runs alot better!. I been trying to crack it. I been useing the windows loader 7
I have used this on a few other older computer it work awesome.
but out of luck with this computer I think it have something to do with my bios for that loaders
I try everysetting they have to offer. this is my problems the loader work fine when it said push ok for to restart the computer goes black screen and no windows 7 loading. it show a black screen with a blinking _ on the screen. now i have to reload windows 7 every 30 days now lol. does anyone know any better way or a better loader for this computer?
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