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ASRock (AMD Boards) Support forum for ASRock products. This channel is for AMD boards.

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Asus TUSI-M Motherboard......

ASRock (AMD Boards)

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Old 07-11-2002, 07:44 AM
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I Use the Asus TUSI-M Motherboard. I Use Pentium III 700 MHz with 133 MHz System Bus. I also have 192 MB (128MB + 64 MB) PC-133 SDRAM. My board's PCB Version is 1.04.

I have the following queries, with respect to the Motherboard.

1. Is there/will there be a BIOS update which allows me to increase the FSB Speed by 1 Mhz? I also need to tweak around with the Onboard AGP Speed, PCI Bus Speed, DIMM Speed and Voltage & CPU Speed and Voltage. Is there a possibility? Since, this is the last Mobo/Chipset for Socket 370 (Tualatin), can we make it glorious, so that existing users will greatly benefit from it. Please consider this favourabily. If not by 1 Mhz, atleast by 2 or 3 Mhz will be acceptable. Is there anything Happening for such boards like the one happening for ECS Boards. I Can See Quite A Lot Of Modded BIOS and Performing BIOS. Will ASUS Or Any Volunteer Come Forward?

2. Can I install the Generic Drivers for SiS 300 AGP, SiS IDE Driver & CMI 8738 Audio Driver from the respective manufacturer websites? They all have the latest version of the software than the one available on the Asus Website.

3. What is the latest version of the Asus PC Probe and Asus Live Update? Please give the website link also.

4. Will I be able to create my own Boot Logos/Bios Logos and upload it. Do you have any official software for it. Please give the name of the software which will work on Asus TUSI-M Motherboard and the website link.
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